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Sometimes there is a happy outcome to events even years after the initial event. Such is the following case.

As secretary my contact details are a matter of public knowledge and I am used to receiving phone calls and emails from a variety of sources. One morning in early June, the phone rang, and a pleasant lady asked me if I could help. She had found a 25 year Marconi long service ladies watch in Chelmsford and wondered if I could trace the owner, one Marilyn Martin. Now if a Marconi employee has received a long term service award there is a strong possibility he or she is a Veteran.

A quick check of the records showed that there was indeed a Marilyn Martin listed as a Veteran. Result! Not quite. The records showed that she was not on the mailing list. This often happens when people retire and move and omit to inform the secretary of a change of address. So now I am stuck with a conundrum; what to do?

Before the Covid-19 outbreak I would meet up with some old work colleagues for a lunchtime drink and meal once a week. When the lockdown occurred in March I set up a Zoom account for the sole purpose of opening a virtual public house – The Fletcher’s Arms. One of my patrons is someone many of you know – Derrick Peto. During the course of the next session I asked Derrick if he knew how I could contact Marilyn Martin. He said he didn’t know any details so I left it at that.

Imagine my surprise when a few days later I received an email from Derrick with Marilyn’s contact details. Derrick had contacted Rod Somers, who then  contacted Jackie Poulter who was still in contact with Marilyn. Result at last! I sent an email to Marilyn and in a reply she confirmed that she had lost the watch in 2012/2013 and reported the matter to the police.

A quick visit to the kind lady who had found the watch and the watch was now in my possession. I then wrapped the watch in bubble-wrap popped it into a padded envelope and posted the watch to Marilyn.

And so after of period of 7 to 8 years the watch was reunited to its rightful owner. The last I heard the watch was ticking away.

Many thanks to all those who helped.