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Plans to commemorate the centenary of the start of radio broadcasting, the early experiments and Melba’s historic concerts are ongoing. They are now wrapped into a whole year of creativity, science and industry in Chelmsford and across Essex.

Some talks about Marconi are listed here.

In terms of directly commemorating these earliest days of broadcasting history, Chelmsford Museum services are planning an exhibition, opening in March 1920. Entitled ‘On Air: Chelmsford’s Global Experiment’, this will be well worth a visit, as is the recently reopened Oakland’s museum.

In addition, a ‘souvenir’ book, ‘From Marconi to Melba…’ (with a very limited edition badge) will be available. This will be a numbered, signed and limited edition. MV members will be offered a pre-order option as soon as I get it finished! The book pays homage to the ‘original’ 1974 anniversary of Marconi’s birth booklet and will tell the full story of the birth of Broadcasting, the experiments, Melba’s concert and beyond. It will be in a high definition A4 format with many new and enhanced photographs.

The key part of the celebration is a new stage play to be held at the Civic theatre in Chelmsford for five nights, opening on June 15th 2020. Called - The Power Behind the Microphone – written by Tim Wander and Felicity Fair Thompson.

Yes, that was also the title of Eckersley’s biography and his story weaves through the play as it tells the story of the experiments and concerts during the summer of 1920. Indeed, at exactly 7:10pm on June 15th 2020, it is hoped that Melba will take to the stage to sing as least part of her concert again. Please watch the normal theatre advertising and I recommend that you book as quickly as possible!  I suspect (and hope) it will be very popular.