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Marconi New Street Works Chelmsford - Old Cine film

This archive footage shows the men and women at work in the factory, we also get a look at the sports club and life in busy Chelmsford. Shot in 1936, the transmitters could be the SWB18s which were installed in Daventry in 1937.
Lasts around 14 minutes, no sound.

Marconi and the Battle of Britain Talk

Marconi Celebration Virtual Walk of Chelmsford

This is a video produced by Alan Pamhilon, Lasts approx 33 minutes.


The Power behind the Microphone

This play was live from the Chelmsford Civic Theatre on Monday June 15th, a video of the play is now on YouTube:-


Marconi: Past, Present and Future. November 1st, 10:00 to 16:00

An Exhibition is being held at Hylands House, Writtle


Marconi and the Making Of Chelmsford

This is now a podcast - click here to go to the web page

'Young Marconi written off as a trickster' Youtube video by CRHNews


Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society

The CSES are attempting to re-arrange various lectures as on-line ZOOM meetings - click here for the CSES events page