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Marconi and the Making Of Chelmsford

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'Young Marconi written off as a trickster' Youtube video by CRHNews


Dame Nellie sings! - 10th June 19:30

Tim Wander is now giving an on line talk using the ZOOM application. (click here for ZOOM info)

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Re-enactment of Dame Nellie's Broadcast - 15th June 19:00

A re-enactment of Dame Nellie's Broadcast at the exact time, day and month of the original broadcast 100 years ago.

Details on the CSES website as they develop!


A World without Marconi - 16th June 19:30
by Alan Hartley-Smith (Chelmsford Civic Society)

Most people regard Marconi's contribution to the World is wireless and radio but from this sprang the whole world of electronics which now dominate the modern world, in particular the impact of computers and their many influences. The talk covers our contribution to the development and use of the technologies that enable the many ways in which they affect our world.

This is now a ZOOM lecture on Tuesday 16th June, 19.30 - 21:00

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Writtle and the Birth of British Radio Broadcasting - 22nd June at 19:30
Talk by Tim Wander

"Hello CQ! This is 2MT Writtle Calling"

The success of the Chelmsford concerts leads to the amazing story of radio station 2MT in Writtle and its charismatic leader Peter Eckersley, who became Britain's first regular radio broadcaster and soon the first Chief Engineer of the new BBC.

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Marconi: Past, Present and Future. November 1st, 10:00 to 16:00

An Exhibition is being held at Hylands House, Writtle


Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society

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