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A History of International Telecommunications during the Radio Years
- a new book by Paul M Hawkins (G4KHU); ISBN 9781787196278

This is a story about long distance radio communications and how it became an integral part of the international telecommunications network during the 20th century. The story follows the work of Marconi and how radio technology developed from crude beginnings, into a reasonably sophisticated network, evolving from spark transmitters, to valves and ultimately semiconductors. The transmitters and receivers were operated with minimal automation and a high degree of human intervention, managing and overcoming the limitations and difficulties of long distance radio propagation.

The book also describes the challenges faced by the radio stations during WW2, developments in spectrum regulation and life on a radio station. The relative efficiency of point to point radio and the cost of replacement satellite installations in the late 1960s resulted in radio playing a part in international telecommunications up to the 1980s, giving the author direct experience of this fascinating medium, which he recalls in an autobiographical chapter.
284 pages, illustrated with numerous photos, diagrams and tables; available from Amazon and other online sellers at £10.99.

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