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During 2023 an email was sent out to all members asking for contributions to the 2024 Newsletter. We did get a good number of articles, most of which we have now published, but for printing cost reasons we have limited the size of the Newsletter to 18 pages.

So a few articles have not appeared in 2024 - but will be used in the 2025 Newsletter. We will need many more articles for the 2025 Newsletter so if you have any please send an email to the editor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post/email to the Secretary

We have a few extra bits here (not enough space in the printed Newsletter):

From Eddy Wilkinson
A document called ex-communicate mysteriously arrived in the internal post in 1996. I was at the time chief estimator for one of the works divisions. Its a very funny/clever spoof edition of communicate ie: ex-communicate outlining the arrival of the italian mob, many well paid managers, and comments on redundancy.
It gives a good insight as to what was going on then at new street. As far as i'm aware the culprits of this publication were never found. Would be very interesting if anybody knows who they were?
Click here to view the 1996 ex-Communicate


2023 Christmas gathering at the Chelmsford County Hotel