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Whey hey! The day dawns and the Reunion is back on course and on its usual date after the wobble caused by the pandemic and associated lockdowns.
The 2022 Reunion went well, so now the running of the event seems to be falling nicely in place; it’s a lovely day and won’t be as blistering as July 2022. All set for a great day and looking good Major Tom. Really?

Unfortunately it was not going to be without challenges (you know how that translates in management speech). Firstly, Claire had phoned to say that she was unwell. However she had prepared the raffle tickets and envelopes for the tables and would have them sent in by courier – her partner. (A vote of thanks to Claire for that).

Secondly, the ‘powers that be’ had omitted to inform Pontlands that roadworks would be taking place that day.
Consequently this required some swift decisions from those involved. The first was to ask Pontlands to delay serving by 30 minutes so as to allow members, after experiencing delays, to arrive and settle down before dining.

Men at Work

Unbeknownst to the Secretary, his wife was outside directing Reunion traffic through the diversion allowing them to arrive at Pontlands.

Meanwhile back at the Reunion the Management Committee along with the President and Guest Speaker assembled for the annual photograph.

2023 Committee
Left to Right: Back Row: Brian Izzard (Chairman), Alan Pamphilon (Guest Speaker), Chris Neale (2023 President), Gillian Drake,
David Frost, David Roscoe, Chris Gardiner, Mark Watson-Lee (Newsletter editor), Barry Powell, Christine Powell (Member),
Seated : Colin Fletcher (Secretary), Peter Turrall (Patron), Eric Peachey (Vice-Chairman), Val Cleare.

As the time for the Reunion Lunch to start draws nearer, the number of attendees is rather low. A quick decision is made and Pontlands are asked if it would be possible to delay the start by 30 minutes. Credit to Pontlands they agreed. However, this was not the end of the matter. Murphy’s Law strikes and before one could say ‘full house’ the numbers in the marquee increased. Another quick word with Pontlands; could the start be brought forward by 15 minutes. No sooner said than done and the Reunion started with only a short delay.

The luncheon commenced with the Top Table being introduced by the MC Veteran David Frost. Brian, our illustrious Chairman, gave his welcoming speech, whilst the first course was being served to all tables barring the Top Table, which was served at the termination of the Chairman’s speech. Brian also requested articles for this Newsletter, which has received an excellent response as can be seen by the size of this edition.
Following the meal coffee is served to a cheerful ensemble as can be seen from a photographic selection of the Veterans and Associates.

And while everyone is in a relaxed mood the …

As always the speeches followed the repast. Firstly our President for the year – Veteran Chris Neale proceeded to recount past experiences before introducing our Guest Speaker Alan Pamphilon.
Alan, a Veteran and local historian, gave a short history of the English Electric Valve Company from its roots in the 1930s up to its current incarnation as Teledyne e2v.
The Speeches were followed by the excitement of the annual raffle, which if not for Claire Lucas would not have happened. In spite of being unable to attend the Reunion, Claire had prepared the tickets and envelopes for the tables. Along with the regular prizes of hampers, jams, bottles of alcohol also included, for the third year running, matching sets of table mats and coasters for 2023– the table mats were a larger version of the coasters.
Note: Should any Veteran or Associate wish for a set of four or six tablemats for any year, please contact the Secretary for prices and availability. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The AGM this year was quickly dispatched in the usual speedy fashion as there were no special resolutions. The usual resolutions of accepting the finances and re-electing the Management Committee were passed by the Veterans present.
Thus ended the 2023 Reunion.

Do you want to book a table for colleagues (minimum 8, maximum 10) or sit with someone you know? Please let the Secretary know when completing a booking form for the 2024 Annual Reunion.

2023 Reunion

Some Reunion Photographs below, or click here for all

(photos taken by Graham Chorley)