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Mr Don Mott who joined in 1956. Died at 3.30 am on 30th December 2020.
He was 88 and had been diagnosed Covid positive.  He also had underlying heart problems.

He was also Treasurer of the MVA until last year.


Don, as he preferred to be known, was a real Chelmsford boy having been born in West Avenue on the Chelmsford Boarded Barns Estate.

His early schooling was at Kings Road Junior School in Chelmsford before he won a Scholarship exam and entered the local King Edward VI Grammar School.

He was according to all reports, a good scholar but, he had great interest in sports and played football for the School team. At times he was a big centre back and also a Goal Keeper.

It was this latter position that he after leaving school, played for the Old Chelmsfordians Football Team which was made up of ex KEGS pupils.

He was a keen supporter of all Essex Football and at one time served on local Football Committees.

A long serving Marconi employee , after obtaining his Accountants exams, joined Marconi Marine in Chelmsford. He later transferred to Marconi Communication Systems New Street where for many years he was Financial Director under Managing Director Tom Mayer.

He was a widower with two sons one of which lives locally, the other a Banker in Hong Kong.