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These snippets were culled from the January and February 1969 editions of the house magazine - ‘Marconi companies and their people’. (The house magazine was to cease appearing in that form and frequency of publication thirteen months later, after 20 years, in March 1970.)

  • GEC-Marconi Electronics was formed in December ‘68 with Mr Robert Telford as MD.
  • Mr Neil Sutherland was knighted for services to export.
  • A Marconi Instruments team took part in the Hindu festival of Ayuda Puja when celebrated at the Madras works of the English Electric Company of India. They were making large quantities of MI Signal Generators on a big Indian Government contract.
  • Marconi apprentice Stephen Fletcher was to serve again as Boatswain on the sail training ship Sir Winston Churchill.
  • The people at Radar Division’s Great Bromley stores featured. The article had a photo of the three CH towers, still standing (but two of them soon to be dismantled).
  • Boeing rolled out its 747 airliner, the ‘Jumbo-jet’. BOAC, Air France and Lufthansa were planning to use it on their transatlantic routes, all three fleets fitted with Airadio Division’s AD370 automatic direction finder (ADF). BOAC also specified the Marconi Teleprinter receiver AD308, SELCAL and Marker receivers for its aircraft.
  • Marconi Instruments introduced a new mobile showroom permitting them to tour Europe giving potential customers on-the-spot demonstrations of the company’s range of instrumentation under operating conditions. Its predecessor had covered over 100,000miles during its nine years service. Then, also MI, the Longacres works, the installation of a new PABX3 internal telephone system. This was when the present-day solid-state exchanges were still some way off.
  • An outrageous increase in the price of the magazine – from 6d to 1s! Outrageous? Well, it was 100%.
  • A record year for output at Gateshead works. Their contribution to the Apollo programme Satellite Comms earth station aerial on Ascension Island is reported, and preparing to pick up work on the new S600 radar aerials and mountings.
  • Many pages of events featuring the people taking part in sports and social events, presentations for retirements and awards at all of the company sites. No different however to any other edition of the magazine, they all carried a similar amount of coverage of this aspect of company life.
  • Finally, a splendid back cover photo in the February ‘69 edition by Ken Hutley of barges at the Hythe Quay in Maldon.