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I was surprised to see that I’d been editor of the newsletter for the past thirteen years, and now I’m handing on the baton to Mark Watson-Lee who will edit the 2020 edition, with some guidance and assistance from me. (Other changes are afoot in the committee’s organisation which will be announced at the reunion in April.)

My first, in 2006, when I took over from Peter, was quite daunting. At that time there was a sizable backlog of archived contributions which had to be drip-fed in over that and the following two years.  My wife Jackie, with her years of experience on the ‘Marconi Companies and Their People’ and our village newsletter was a considerable help in getting me up and running in a self-supporting manner, and I have always been grateful that she has run an eye over what I believed was the press-ready product to correct any last minute typos.

Writing this as only the second item I feel that there may not be enough material to fill fourteen pages, or even twelve, so do please keep Mark well supplied with your contributions – it’s always better to have too much than too little to deal with.  Last year I was scratching around looking for an item to fill over half a page – but there’s another side to that which will become apparent in one of this year’s contributions on a later page.  Any items that are not ‘issue-date critical’ can always be archived for use the following year.

Finally thanks for your support in the material you have supplied me with, please do the same for Mark – I shall be supporting him until he feels he can run with things on his own.