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Guess what? I still get spam on a regular basis, so much so, that I delete many without reading. However some that arrive amongst the single women out there who are just waiting for me (they never received a copy of the newsletter with my photo, obviously), those sites that feel I need to groom my non-existent dog, buy a drone, backpack, sunglasses (Rayburn of course), or the number of times I have been told the mailbox is full, or my password has expired or some other nonsense, there are some that raise a smile. One such was one that started

“Hi Dear”

What followed was the usual rubbish, but how dare they be so familiar, that was my initial thought. Further investigation revealed that the same email had been sent to, yes, you guessed it – undisclosed recipients. Unfortunately some poor gullible recipient will probably respond.

So if it looks suspicious, ludicrous or too good to be true, it’s probably spam. Take care!