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The 2020 Reunion promises to be an event not to miss, such is the hope of the Management Committee; not only is this the Centenary of the Dame Nellie Melba broadcast, the Reunion is being held on Marconi’s Birthday – 25th April.

But before getting too carried away, a serious note. As mentioned by the Chairman in his ‘foreword’ we have had to raise the cost of the annual subscription and Reunion tickets. This has been forced on us by two factors: the gradual erosion of the Association’s funds and a significant change of approach in the menu provided by Roamers.

In order to limit the erosion of funds the Management Committee have reluctantly increased the subscription fee by £2.00 to £8.00 (Veterans) and £5.00 (Friends).

With regard to Roamers. in the past the Management Committee would choose the Reunion lunch from either the ‘standard’ or ‘gourmet’ menu published by Roamers. However, this year it came as a surprise to find that the menu selection had changed dramatically and was now catering for wedding parties rather than the more conventional sit-down meal that we Veterans are accustomed to. The revised menu split each course into separate price ranges creating a dilemma for the Management Committee. The most expensive selection, with cheese and biscuits, would have cost £43.00 (Veterans) and £48.00 (Friends). Hence the decision to choose the most economic menu without cheese and biscuits.

Why are we still here? As the Chairman pointed out this location is appropriate from a historical viewpoint and still provides the best total price. In order to keep the price low, the choice was limited and the Management Committee have chosen to dispense with cheese and biscuits, which would have added a further £4.00 to the ticket price.

As Secretary, I receive feedback after the Reunion. Last year there were complaints from some Veterans, who drive to the Reunion, about the price of wine being included in the ticket price and as drivers they were unable to drink alcohol. Please note that wine is not included in the ticket price; it is paid for by the sale of raffle tickets, but not fully – this topic is addressed in our questionnaire on the back of the Reunion application form. However, the ticket price does include the current year’s coaster, some of which are now collectors’ items.

Now back to where the article started - the Centenary. As reported by the Chairman we have two guest speakers: Professor Lew Schnurr, the guest of this year’s President, Veteran Barry Powell, and Tim Wander. Tim will be known to some of us and is now working on the final drafts of his latest book

From Marconi to Melba…

The Centenary of British Radio

Chelmsford 2020

commemorating the historic 1920 broadcast.

Hopefully his article in this year’s newsletter will have whetted your appetite and encouraged you to purchase a signed copy by the author. With luck, copies will be available at the Reunion. I make no apologies for the shameless plug. Yours truly will be eager to purchase a copy.

Tim’s talent not only includes books but extends to the theatre. He has written a play to celebrate the Centenary. The play, ‘The Power behind the Microphone’, will be playing at the Civic Theatre from 15th to 20th June. Book early to avoid disappointment.

If you wish to know more please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Coaster Swap Shop

If you have any coasters from previous years and would like to swap them for coasters also from previous years then, provided they are in good condition, bring them along to the Annual Reunion. This is subject to availability and excludes coasters from the current Reunion.