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You now have three choices on how you pay for your MVA 2024 subscription and apply for tickets for the 2024 Reunion:-

1) You have Internet access / Email address and use on-line banking

2) You have Internet access and Email address but do not use on-line banking.

3) You do not use the Internet or do not wish to use the on-line form.

  • You can fill out your paper application form and return it to the Secretary by post with your cheque as in previous years.
  • If your paper form is spoiled or no longer available, you can download a copy of the application form for printing yourself.
  • Click here to download the MVA 2024 Reunion form (pdf format)
    • The ticket will be posted to you so that you can use it to reserve spaces on your chosen table but we will have duplicates available at the Reunion.