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The Chelmsford City Museum is planning some changes that may impact Marconi equipment and the facilities at Sandford Mill.

A Radio Interview has been broadcast by the Chelmsford Community Radio on this subject (35 minutes):-

A Video has been posted by Andy Stephens including the Chelmsford Community Radio interview (37 minutes):-

Click here for the video report

A letter from our MVA chairman to the council:-

I was appalled at the treatment of volunteers who have dedicated many 1000’s of man hours to operating and maintaining Marconi equipment at Sandford Mill to preserve the Marconi heritage for the benefit of future generations. I have had discussions with Chelmsford City Council to see if there is a way to continue this facility at another nearby location in the very near future but have received no such assurances. I have expressed my disappointment that volunteers are being put under unreasonable pressure to disconnect and remove all equipment not specifically owned by the museum to meet what appears to me to be an artificial deadline of 31 July 2021. I have called for a halt to this activity pending establishment of a policy that provides a clear way forward to closely replicating current facilities at Sandford Mill at another location.

Brian Izzard, Chairman MVA

Sandford Mill in the news

NOTE: The TV program "A Great British Railway Journey" has recently visited Sandford Mill - click here for the link to the story