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Data Protection Acts

Under the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 we are required to obtain the express permission of a person before their details are published. As the contact details of many veterans are not known we are unable to comply with this requirement and therefore we no longer publish details of living veterans or friends.

We are publishing basic details of Members deaths when it has been notified to us, as this is in the public record.

Any data provided by members are held as computer records and used only for membership administration, distribution of MVA publications and for notification of forthcoming MVA events. In particular we undertake not to pass on or sell such information to any third party. Please address any data protection enquiries to our Secretary (click here for contact details).

We will never ask for your financial details via this web site as any payments will be made either by you instructing your on-line bank to transfer money to the MVA account, or you posting the MVA secretary a cheque made out to the MVA.


You have not been asked about permission to use cookies as we have no cookies linked to any advertisers or Social Media sites which you could disable.
You do not log into this web site to view the content so no user login information is collected by this web site.
If you have filled in a contact form the data you enter is emailed to the MVA secretary and is protected data as above, the data is not stored on this web site.

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