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According to court filings made by RMS Titanic Inc. in the USA, the plan to retrieve the Marconi Radio from the Titanic has been delayed. There is increasing difficulties with International travel and the logistics, as well as the health risks to the expedition team due to the Pandemic.

They have a vast collection of Titanic artefacts in the USA, but Museum visitor numbers have plummeted during the Pandemic, causing funds to dry up, and they have had to lay off some of the high-profile experts.

However the company maintains this is a high priority project which will restart when it is practical to do so. There is some concern that eventually the overhead roof will collapse burying the remains of the Marconi Radio.

The plan is to display the Marconi radio at the RMS Titanic exhibition at the Luxor casino in Las Vegas, and then for it to be taken on a world tour. The company believes they may be able to restore the equipment to full working order!

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This story appeared in the Sunday Telegraph dated 31st Jan 21